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Back Office Transaction Processing Insights

Delve deeper into back office transaction processing to learn more. View additional information on back office transaction processing solutions to understand our expertise and experience in meeting each customer’s unique requirements.


Administration Services

Overview- Administration Services Briefing

We manage day-to-day transaction processing, streamlining operations and allowing organizations to focus on initiative that generate profitable growth.
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Transaction Processing

Overview- Transaction Processing

Your business needs can change in an instant. So our flexible transaction processing solutions are built to respond immediately and seamlessly to those changes. The result: your business never misses a beat.
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ADR: Automated Document Recognition

ADR: Automated Document Recognition Overview-Automated Document Recognition_ADR

The Automated Document Recognition (ADR) system dramatically optimizes mailroom performance.
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Our Solutions OCR: Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR automatically extracts data from scanned images and makes those data available for electronic processing. It reads the characteristics of images and converts those images to a compatible data format. The result: less data entry to key, allowing you to redeploy or reduce your resources.
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Back Office Operations - Reduce Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Back Office Operations - Reduce Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

As the economy continues to rebound, companies are taking a hard look at where they can cut costs without impacting customer satisfaction.
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