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Healthcare Payer Services

By re-engineering and accelerating their medical claims processing, enhancing customer care and improving documentation and other functions, insurers and other payers can become more efficient and better equipped to meet the challenges of health reform.

The benefits they're deriving span virtually all business processes, from claims processing to cost recovery… from personalized communications to member engagement… from liability to litigation… from customer contact to customer care.

Read the overview below or visit our Healthcare Payer Services site for a complete list of our Healthcare Payer Solutions.

Services We Provide

Communications Design and Consulting, Payers can improve business efficiency and members' health when they work with us to simplify processes. We offer a full range of business and IT services from claims processing to customer care.

Business and IT Services

On Top of Health Reform

How we're responding to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry is experiencing a radical transformation. You're under heavy pressure to reduce costs, simplify processes, improve consumer communication and create new products.

At Xerox, we help you meet these challenges with innovative, scalable and flexible services tailored to your needs. Let us position you for long-term success in a rapidly changing healthcare world, and you can:

  • Improve health plan services and communication to new and existing customers
  • Enhance your technology solutions to meet new medical loss ratio compliance regulations
  • Stay up to date on regulatory changes in healthcare
  • Adapt to new technologies and standards used by all industry players

Our health plan services benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem by building trust, turning large amounts of data into actionable information, and reducing costs system-wide.

Case in Point: Speeding Claims Processing by 75%

A major health insurer was overhauling its medical claims processing system. By increasing auto-adjudicating claims, it cut claims processing time by 75 percent, turnaround time by 50 percent, and annual costs by 50 percent.

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Case in Point: Saving Costs (and Trees)

A major health insurer needed to revamp inefficient member and provider communications. It found a solution that reduced paper usage by 30 percent, postage costs by 25 percent, operational costs by 20 percent – and overall costs by $17 million.

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Leadership by the Numbers

Did you know that:

  • All top 20 managed healthcare plans are Xerox clients
  • Serving 2/3 of all U.S. insured patients (government and commercial)
  • Process over one billion health claims annually

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