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Hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers conduct the business of medicine in a more efficient manner by managing the healthcare data and documents that inform everything they do.

Benefiting from our healthcare industry expertise, scale, technology and innovations, providers can devote their time and resources to quality of care. The results: improved access to patient data, tighter regulatory compliance, greater operational efficiencies, reduced administrative costs and better health outcomes.

Read the overview below or visit our Healthcare Provider Services site for a more comprehensive look at our Healthcare Provider Solutions.

Services We Provide

Our technology services and adoption solutions make healthcare operations simpler for healthcare professionals in over 1,700 hospitals. With consulting, managed services and Midas+ analytic solutions – plus adoption solutions from The Breakaway Group, A Xerox Company – we help healthcare providers apply, manage and use technology that simplifies caregiver workloads. So you have more time to focus on delivering the level of care everyone deserves.

Help healthcare providers navigate the post-reform healthcare landscape and manage the supporting application system environment

Optimize technology and business process operations

Use analytics to manage, measure and monitor care metrics

Case in Point: Simplify Clinical Workstreams

To improve patient service response time, a hospital deployed a new help desk, desktop engineering, network provisioning and shared labor pool. Another used our LiveKey technology to efficiently image and enter patient records into a digital EHR system.

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Case in Point: Improve Patient Outcomes and Safety

To help reduce uninsured patient costs, extended hospital stays, infection rates, complications and readmissions, leading health systems installed Midas+ software. The positive outcomes: uninsured ER visits fell by 43 percent and avoidable bed days dropped by 41% year-to-date.

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Case in Point: Push Out Costs, Pull in Revenues

A hospital made dramatic improvements in its paper-intensive business processes to create a strong foundation for a new EHR system. Another set an all-time cash collection record by repairing processes and improving its revenue cycle. The results: savings of over $300,000 per year and more predictable revenues.

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Case in Point: Comply with Government Mandates

Let us help you select and take full advantage of technology that maximizes Meaningful Use and EHR financial incentives, provides information to improve care coordination and clinical decision support, and analyzes diagnosis, treatment and outcome metrics against nationally recognized benchmarks to improve care quality.

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Leadership by the Numbers

In Xerox, healthcare providers gain a partner with these solid credentials:

  • Over 1,700 hospitals
  • 25+ years serving providers
  • Largest and highest rated Care Management and Quality Outcomes software solution
  • KLAS Category Leader, Financial ERP implementation
  • KLAS Category Leader, Care Management for Midas+
  • Best in KLAS, ITO Partial Category*

*Tie with another vendor

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