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RightOpt® — from hire through retire

Healthy people drive healthy business.

Learn how RightOpt, our private health insurance exchange, reduces cost and empowers members to improve their health.

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At Buck, we believe the health of your business is dependent upon the health of your workforce. That’s why, we created RightOpt, a single private health insurance exchange platform that addresses the varying health-related needs of your members and reduces health care spend and trend. (All insurance policies are underwritten and issued by various third party insurance companies, for which Buck Consultants, LLC (registered in certain states as Buck Insurance Services, LLC), a licensed insurance agency, could act as an appointed producer, subject to applicable terms.)

RightOpt provides coverage for:

  • Full time/benefit-eligible active employees
  • Part time/non-benefit-eligible active employees
  • Pre-65 retirees
  • Medicare-eligible retirees

RightOpt offers:

Immediate cost savings. RightOpt offers the most cost effective health plan delivery model for each serviced population. Eligible active employees will have access to group health plans offered through our regionally-aligned preferred partner strategy and ineligible active employees, pre-65 retirees, and Medicare-eligible retirees will have access to individual insured plans as well as available public subsidies through a centralized portal and call center.

A personalized and holistic approach. Instead of focusing solely on health insurance, our model considers each member's overall well-being. Using a single access point portal, RightOpt personalizes the experience for each member based on his/her health, aversion to risk, communication preferences, and readiness for change, and engages the participant throughout the year on all health-related decisions.

Through RightOpt, members are encouraged to:

  • Choose preferred plan options at enrollment
  • Use those options effectively throughout the year
  • Improve or maintain their health risks over time

A flexible model. For active employees, we know it’s important that you continue to offer a benefit program that will resonate with your employees and fit the culture of your organization. Our portfolio of plan designs and incentive structures can be customized to meet your needs and you can choose the funding methodology that best fits your company’s philosophy – self-funded or fully-insured.

Comprehensive employee communications. Our award-winning communicators will develop a communication program to support the implementation of RightOpt. Our communication campaign will introduce your members to the exchange and encourage them to take advantage of the tools and services available throughout the year to help them make more informed decisions about their overall health and well-being.

A frustration-free employee experience. To ease the transition into RightOpt and encourage engagement throughout the year, our member-facing portal integrates disparate vendor systems behind the scenes to ensure participants have access to the information they need, when they need it — all from a single location.

We've developed some resources to help you as you consider your approach to private insurance exchanges:


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