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Human Resource Consulting

Buck Consultants is a global human resource consulting firm that helps organizations develop, deploy, and manage their workforce. We provide real-world solutions to our clients’ complex human resource and business challenges. Within Xerox, Buck Consultants is the consulting strength of the Human Resource Services (HRS) division.

Our customized human resource solutions are aligned with our clients’ corporate strategies and include:


Effective communication is essential to building an engaged workforce and helps your employees achieve desired behaviors. Whether you need a communication strategy, excellent writing skills, campaign planning, creative visuals and branding, or exceptional execution, our award-winning communication team can help. Learn more about Communication.


Gaining a competitive advantage, allocating compensation budgets and managing compensation costs go hand-in-hand with understanding the value of a fully-engaged workforce. This is key to your growth and success. Our compensation consultants help you develop, manage, and measure the success of your pay and rewards programs. Learn more about Compensation.

Global Consulting and Strategy

The development and maintenance of robust HR and benefits governance procedures is a key aspect of managing enterprise risk. Our global consultants can help you ensure that your benefit plans around the world are appropriate for the local market, legally compliant, and consistent with your corporate global benefits strategy. Learn more about Global Consulting and Strategy.

Global Investment Advisors

The investment decisions you make affect your employees' future quality of life and your bottom line. Our investment advisors work with you to develop informed strategic plans and investment policies that lead to sound tactical implementation, risk management, and compliance decisions. Learn more about our Global Investment Advisors.

Global Technology and Delivery Solutions

It's no longer a decision about whether to outsource human resource service delivery, it's about what and when to outsource. Our technology consultants work with you to address your unique challenges through tailored, integrated web-based solutions and flexible co-sourcing and outsourcing arrangements.Learn more about Technology and Delivery.

Health and Productivity

A combination of economic pressures, shifting demographics, legislative initiatives, and regulatory changes is making it increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain valuable employee benefit programs. Our health and productivity consultants develop health care strategies that result in competitive benefits, employee wellness, and increased productivity. Learn more about Health and Productivity.


What’s the best way to contribute to your employees’ retirement security? Focus on sound financial planning, risk management, and effective plan governance. Our retirement consultants know what you need to know – whether your organization is corporate, public sector, multi-employer, or not-for-profit. Learn more about Retirement.

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