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Electronic Health Records

Our Informed Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) product suite helps patients become more active participants in the healthcare process, and with streamlined workflows providers realize greater clinical efficiencies and cost controls. Our EHR suite includes a system designed specifically for providers and a system for patients.

Provider Portal

Using clinical data from your payers and HIE, our Provider Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution provides physicians, nurses, physician assistants and care managers with complete, virtual patient medical history. This history includes medications taken, previous inpatient/outpatient encounters, diagnoses, labs and tests, along with succinct best practice recommendations. To create more complete patient records, our solution also allows information exchanges with providers' EMR and practice management systems and notifies them of clinical alerts.

Electronic Health Records Benefits

  • Improves clinical decisions
  • Helps identify Care Management issues using patient-specific criteria, which is developed by analyzing claims history
  • Offers best practices recommendations
  • Improves communication with other providers
  • Avoids medication errors, including known drug allergies or potentially dangerous drug interactions
  • Improves delivery of long-term and preventive care
  • Delivers timely alerts of critical lab values and makes ordering lab tests easier

Electronic Health Records Features

  • Full medical and pharmacy claims history
  • 24/7 access to three years of claims data
  • Generates Care Management alerts and intervention opportunities
  • Links to Automated Prior Authorization (SmartPA SM) capabilities
  • Links to e-Prescribing capabilities

Patient Portal

Using the same information, HIE framework and patient data hub as our Provider Portal, this HIPAA-compliant portal gives patients security and control over their healthcare data.

Patient Portal Benefits

  • Gives complete access to electronic health records
  • Delivers chronic care management and wellness alerts
  • Provides drug and disease information
  • Includes built-in cost and benefit tracking
  • Allows health appointment scheduling and provides reminders
  • Supplies health risk assessments
  • Offers printable personal medical profile
  • Includes links to home health devices for in-home monitoring

Patient Portal Features

  • Provides health recommendations, based on medical and prescription claims history
  • Offers opportunities for savings, such as generic alternatives to prescribed drugs
  • Creates a health "To Do" list, which can be used for discussion with your physician
  • Keeps a detailed history of all prescriptions and conditions
  • Links to other online health resources

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