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Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE)

Our goal is simple: to help people live healthier lives. But that goal isn’t achievable unless everyone across the healthcare system has an efficient way to share health information. That’s where the Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution comes in.

Focusing on preventive and outcomes-based medicine, the HIE solution makes comprehensive patient health information available, even at the point of care. This exchange of information helps reduce medical errors and redundant medical procedures as well as improves patient safety and well-being.

The bottom line? Everyone is more involved in the healthcare process. That means consumers are more active participants in their own decision-making process and providers realize greater clinical efficiencies.

Meeting all federal standards for interoperability, HIPAA, privacy and security rules and clinical decision support, our Informed Health HIE solution is already a proven success for several of our clients.

Health Information Exchange Benefits

  • Facilitates exchange of patient-centric health information between providers, clinics and hospitals
  • Gives providers patient-specific history, risks, gaps in care, reporting and care plans
  • Includes e-Prescribing, clinical surveillance, medication management, integrated payment support and secure provider messaging exchange
  • Improves provider workflow by centralizing daily activities and simplifying administrative tasks
  • Integrates claims and other clinical information from multiple payers
  • Rules engine identifies gaps in care, duplications or clinical issues
  • The Master Patient Index allows the data hub to grow and incorporate data sources from additional SSA sources, while retaining the unique identity of each recipient

Health Information Exchange Features

  • Virtual and/or physical data consolidation and sharing
  • Real-time clinical decision support
  • Electronic health records exchange
  • Web access for all stakeholders (24/7)
  • Prescription monitoring and safety
  • Real-time clinical surveillance and monitoring
  • Real-time population health management
  • Uses HL7 v2.x Global Messaging Standards for most data exchange
  • Aligns with MITA 2.0 Framework

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