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Payers today seek technology partners who can help them drive greater financial performance, accuracy and efficiency in claims management. They also seek subject matter experts who will help them maintain compliance with rules, statutes and industry standards. Most importantly, they are looking for advisers who can coach them through the evolving healthcare business model and bring them new ideas and approaches for improving return-to-work outcomes for their clients and their injured employees.

Xerox helps your organization “see around the corners” so you can respond to challenges you may not even realize lie ahead. Our medical bill review solutions, clinical programs and workers’ compensation analytics are at work around the clock and around the globe for leading insurers, third party administrators (TPAs) and employers.

Workers’ Compensation Solutions

Medical Bill Review

Ensure not only the appropriateness of the medical treatment but also the accuracy of the billed charges through our intelligent bill review solutions. You’ll deliver savings and efficiency while assuring the highest level of regulatory compliance.   More on Medical Bill Review

Strategic PPO Service

The dynamic, complex and highly regulated environment of workers’ compensation calls for a strategic approach to network and provider selection. Direct network agreements and PPO analytics are simple yet powerful means to stay on top of your game.   More on Strategic PPO Service

Back Office Transaction and Payment Processing

Processing provider bills, supporting documentation and payments is essential but it can be a serious drain on your resources. Our back office transaction processing services expedite the delivery of documents and data needed for fast, accurate claims administration.   More on Back Office Transaction Processing

Workers’ Compensation Clinical Services

Clinical expertise — when individually applied and proactively managed — is highly successful in shortening claim duration and accelerating medical recovery. Our clinicians and nurse case managers are vital forces when it comes to improving financial and return-to-work outcomes.   More on Workers’ Compensation Clinical Services

Workers’ Compensation Analytics Tools

Workers’ compensation is an industry where analytics is not just a “nice to have” but also a “must have.” Our business intelligence and decision support tools can help you analyze and drive higher performance from your provider networks and help predict costs and outcomes.   More on Workers’ Compensation Analytics Tools

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