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Secure and Integrate

Now that we’ve optimized your printing environment, we’ve got to ensure everything connects to your IT environment in a secure, compliant way. We call this second stage “Secure and Integrate.”

Our approach integrates onto your existing IT environment and network with minimal disruption, so Managed Print Services (MPS) becomes a more welcome part of your business.

By closer integrating MPS with IT, you get more value for your organization through clearer accountability and a single point of contact. You’re also changing your devices to true IT assets, and this is the first step toward creating greater efficiency.

These days, you can’t afford anything less than keeping information completely secure, so we use the latest technology for enhanced authentication, encryption and virus protection. We partner with experts like Cisco and McAfee, who have industry standards second to none.

Xerox has the bandwidth and strength to support integration and document security on a global scale. That’s critical for large enterprises.

Protect business ideas and information.

Xerox provides an end-to-end set of services to deploy and integrate security and control into your existing print and IT infrastructure.

Users can print securely when and where they want— using any enabled network device, regardless of vendor, adhering to policies such as HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley.

You can monitor usage and devices, establish print rules, implement strong security measures, track and allocate costs, and significantly reduce waste.

And it’s all implemented at the scale, speed and security levels that make sense for you today and tomorrow.

Secure and Integrate Key Tools:

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